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Leopards Lair

We Support entrepreneurs across all lifecycles.  As such we are proud to be a first prize sponsor of the UCT Investor Societies "Leopards Lair" 2021 in partnership with Akro.

Leopard’s Lair is waiting for you.  Prepare to present a three‑minute pitch of your big idea – in any field or stage of its development – to a panel of top judges (also potential investors) in the virtual Leopard’s Lair. If it gets a thumbs up, you proceed to the next of two preliminary rounds. 

This year’s judges are:

  • Magda Wierzycka, Braavos Investment Advisers
  • Precious Mdlalose, IDF Capital
  • Anton Baumann, Imvelo Ventures (first‑prize sponsor)
  • Jason Basel, Qoorio.
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Acumen software is a consultancy and asset management & workforce management software solutions provider established in 2006.

Acumen provide mobile software solutions for asset management and workforce management to organisations with dispersed and distributed assets, taking complex arrays of scenarios and providing a simple mobile management solution in response. 

Alongside specialised asset management systems and workforce management software, Acumen specialise in the creation of mobile software solutions to fit our customer’s asset management and workforce management needs. 

Acumen’s combined expertise in business enables us to provide world-class business consulting and advisory services. Strategy development, business case development, benchmarking & best practices and financial projections are just a selection of potential services within our asset and workforce management software.

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Bizzamm Legal is a digital legal platform designed to remove the stress and complexity of legal processes.

It allows the initiator (that’s you) to choose from a variety of templated documents and fill in the relevant details, as well as those of the recipients of the document (those are “the signees”). The signees don’t even have to be existing Bizzamm users; all that’s required is their e-mail address. Once that’s been supplied, they’ll be notified that a document has been created. After that, they can either edit the information which you entered or, if no editing is required, they can simply accept and sign.

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We connect people to Causes.

Forgood is an online platform that connects people who want to make a difference to Causes that need their help. We create Social Citizens!

On forgood, you can explore our database of verified Non Profit Organisations (Causes), volunteer your time and skills, donate goods or give back on your own terms by creating an Offer to Causes in your area. You can also donate money to specific projects!

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The platform enables large and medium sized corporates and public sector institutions to have an early payment programme for the benefit of SMEs in their supply chain.

The solution provides SMEs access to invoice financing on the back of their buyer’s credit record thus reducing the late payment and cash flow shortage risk faced by most SMEs.  Key traditional instruments used by funders to assess SME lending risk, namely credit records and collateral, represent a major hindrance to SMEs securing funding. To close the credit gap, alternate funding models like the MoneyWorks early payment programme are designed specifically for this target market and enable a more accurate assessment of the risks and most importantly access to funding.

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Kinektek is a hardware and software design and development company in the transactional and payments sector.

Kinektek’s clients are predominantly retailers, banks and customer-centric service providers who require digital convenience for customers in their brick & mortar retail environments. 

CONVENIENT PAYMENTS is Kinektek’s omni-channel commerce platform and end-to-end service that enables clients to increase sales, reduce operating costs and grow customer loyalty, in a low risk system. Powered by the world's leading payment institutions, Kinektek’s platform enables a broad range of content distribution through secure, swift transaction processing.

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ICE Media

Ultra-low-cost access to data in local communities. 

Ice Media exists to unlocks the digital economy for historically disadvantaged communities


•Its proprietary Blanket WiFi network called ICE Web.

•The creation of a digital ecosystem through connected Devices.

•The use of software applications to manage the ecosystem and intergrade with third parties through our open API.

•Brings essential services to the palm of our customers' hands through M-Commerce hence improving the quality of life to its target communities.

•Bring the benefit of the on-demand economy to our customers through Logistics and Support that becomes the job creators to the masses in the digital economy.

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We help you make your wishes known.

Take care of those you leave behind. Save your Estate thousands of rands. You control who benefits from your life. Get peace of mind that your wishes are known. Secure Storage. Simple and fast.

Smartwill  provides quality Legal, Fiduciary, Loyalty, Insurance & Customer services at scale.

Xago Exchange


Xago is an innovative South African Fintech that focuses on an all-inclusive approach to moving money rapidly at low cost, locally and across borders. 

Xago harnesses the power of mobile, retail networks and blockchain technology in playing a crucial role to transform the payment industry, particularly in Africa.  Xago provides innovative money movement solutions that change the way money flows, what it costs and how long it takes to reach a destination by bypassing traditional payment rails, while remaining fully compliant and highly secure.

The Xago exchange enables you to trade, send and receive XRP on Ripple’s decentralised ledger. The xago unique pegged order system allows for efficient arbitraging opportunities between exchanges.

The Xago gateway provides an entry point to Ripple’s XRP Ledger, enabling you to transfer funds, either fiat or crypto assets from one point to another utilising the efficiency, speed and security of the XRPL.

Xago provides an innovative solution to money movement that changes the way money flows, what it costs and how long it takes to reach a destination by bypassing traditional payment rails, while remaining fully compliant and highly secure.

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