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Imvelo is a Zulu word meaning honour and character of the strongest kind.

Imvelo is a Zulu word meaning honour and character of the strongest kind.

Historically, the word “Imvelo” was used to describe the stature of individuals who had the character to be advisors or kings and equipped with foresight to lead their communities to greater abundance.

We support companies across all life cycles as long as they represent an interesting and commercial investment opportunities

In this regard, we entrench within our DNA the transformative qualities which are essential in unlocking growth opportunities for our partners & investees.

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We offer

  • Long term patient capital with no predefined exit horizon
  • Business building support
  • Access to business networks
  • Strictly minority investments
  • Board participation by experienced directors
  • No fees charged to the investees
  • Strong BEE credentials
  • Business competitive strategy and strategic marketing inputs
  • Financial, structuring and general business planning advice
  • Active, hands-on management support if required


Xolani Mhlaba

Xolani Mhlaba

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Carmen Marais

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Mark Fitzjohn

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Bruce Ndidi

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Anton Baumann

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Angelo Fernandez

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This Could Be You


Imvelo Ventures is managed by Empowerment Capital Investment Partners. 

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